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The Ways In Which Technology Is Revolutionizing Automotive Industry

The Ways in Which Technology Is Revolutionizing Automotive Industry

The Ways In Which Technology Is Revolutionizing Automotive Industry

Technology has made its way in one way or another to every industry. Be it healthcare, automotive, or a real estate industry, technology has overcome many challenges. Whenever one talks about the impact of technology on the automotive industry, there are many things that you should know. The technology has grown quickly in the Automotive industry because of several challenges that every player in the automotive industry has faced. Here are some of the major revolutions that technology has brought in the industry.

The 5 Ways In Which Technology Has Revolutionized Automotive Industry

  1. IoT (Internet of Things) & Automotive Industry

The concept of IoT has been around for quite some time now. The entire concept of the IoT revolves around connecting everything with everything. With time, IoT is taking over our entire life cycle connecting everything important together for us. While shaping every other industry, the Internet of Things is also changing the entire automotive industry for better.

Here is How –

  • UBI – Usage-Based Insurance

Usage-Based Insurance known as Automotive Telematics Insurance help in monitoring vehicles for several parameters. These parameters that one can monitor using the UBI system include driver behavior, vehicle type, and miles driven.

  • ELDs – Electronic Logging Devices

ELD that is Electronic Logging Devices is one of the most effective advancements introduced by technology in the automotive industry. This device mandates the enforcement of the federal HoS that is the Hours-of-Service regulation. Using these devices (on-board computers), the time-driven can be tracked through which you can assure that everything is within the law.

  • IHM – In-Vehicle Health Monitoring

Another major way in which technology has impacted the automotive industry is through the introduction of IHM (In-Vehicle Health Monitoring). This is the program that is developed to help companies as well as individuals to monitor the health of the drivers. This system is still under development and is expected to be commercialized by 2025. Using this program and devices, one will be able to track the driver’s heart rates, fatigue, and attention span, which will help reduce the accident rate.

  1. Autonomous Vehicles | AI Technology

Since the introduction of AI technology in the market, it has been revolutionizing several aspects of different industries. One of the major impacts of AI has been in the Automotive industry that has given birth to the concept of self-driving cars (Autonomous Vehicles).

  • Mobile Apps & Automotive Industry

Apps have been taking over the web. As more and more users are switching to mobile apps, several industries have been finding a way to cope up with the change. Here is how mobile apps are revolutionizing the automotive industry.  Some of these ways include smartphone synchronization apps (Carplay / Android Auto apps), Apps to diagnose the health of the vehicle, etc.

These are some of the basic ways in which technology is revolutionizing the automotive industry. Thanks to VNS Infosoft, if you are looking for the solutions that will enhance the operations of the automotive company you run, you have come to the right place.

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