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10 Best New Year Digital Marketing Ideas to Jump-Start your 2021

2020 has been a tough year for both small and large businesses in Australia. With the economic recession that has been witnessed due to the pandemic, businesses have recorded low sales volumes caused by fewer customers. For this reason, businesses need to be proactive as they enter 2021 to tame more potential leads and increase their reach. One of the ways to achieve this is by adopting some of the best digital marketing ideas 2021. These strategies will help you jumpstart the New Year with a completely new plan that will assist you in recovering the losses for the past year. Virtuoso Netsoft (VNS) is a leading digital marketing agency in Australia that will help you put all these strategies into effect in a manner that will yield the highest ROI.

Best digital marketing ideas and trends from VNS that will be useful for 2021

Below are some of the best digital marketing ideas 2021 and trends from VNS that will be useful for 2021 that will not only help businesses in Australia to survive but also thrive.

1.  Content Marketing

The pandemic has brought about a new normal, which is people staying indoors and working from their homes. In return, this has generated an increased demand for digital content. This is why it is crucial that businesses adopt content marketing as one of their top digital marketing ideas 2021. With content marketing provided by Virtuoso Netsoft, a business cannot only promote their brand or product but also increase customer awareness. Content marketing heavily relies on using competitive keywords. Virtuoso conducts in-depth keyword research that will lay the grounds for you in creating high-quality content that your users can relate with and which will generate leads.

Currently, the written content is not the only form of digital marketing that you can adopt for your business. Diversifying to video content marketing will relatively increase the customers’ interaction with your brand. Video marketing is also proven to increase sales because it creates a better user experience with your potential leads. One of the best things about video marketing is that it motivates a user to spend more time on your website, and this will, in return, improve your ranking on the search engines. VNS, a digital marketing agency in Australia, recognizes video marketing as one of the best practices that will propel your business forward in 2021.

2.  Use Email Marketing

In 2020, there was a rise in email engagement from users owing to the fact that digital consumption was on the rise. Email marketing is one of the most popular and most dominant forms of digital marketing. The popularity of this strategy is still on the rise because it creates a high level of customer engagement. It is also one of the best digital marketing ideas 2021 for small businesses, and it also generates a high ROI.

It is estimated that in the next three years, the number of email users across the globe will be more than 4 billion. This is proof that businesses should not be reluctant to invest in email marketing as a long term strategy.

At Virtuoso Netsoft (VNS), we adopt an email marketing formula that is more personalized in order to make it easier for a business to manage the campaigns. With email marketing, you can achieve increased engagement with new customers and existing ones.

3.  Social Media Marketing

The last half of 2020 saw an increase in social media usage as more people stayed home. This is a trend that is expected to go on to the 2021, which is why social media marketing should be among your top choices for digital marketing ideas 2021. With social media marketing, you can always be assured that you have a viable long term solution because social media usage in Australia has been on a consistent rise over the years.

Virtuoso helps businesses to discover the endless opportunities that come with adopting social media marketing. You will not only increase your engagement with your existing customers, but you will have a platform where you can engage new customers. To achieve social media marketing, you need to identify the social media platforms that your brand best resonates with. This will help you to formulate more personalized strategies and one that is guaranteed to deliver the desired results. VNS believes that with social media marketing, you will achieve one of the major trends that businesses are adopting, which is customer retention.

4.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every business that wants to increase traffic to their website has probably come across the term SEO. SEO involves seeking insights on what users look for in the search engines and then applying the insight to help rank your website using the terms that users commonly use. With proper SEO, you can always be guaranteed to increase traffic to your website, and this makes it rank among the best digital marketing ideas 2021. While you can handle SEO on your own, the best SEO strategy is one that is created by a digital marketing agency in Australia, such as VNS.

With a professional digital marketing agency in Australia like Virtuoso Netsoft, you will be able to use SEO to gain a competitive edge. The best agency will conduct in-depth keyword research in a bid to adopt an SEO strategy that will work effectively for your business and increase the returns on your investment. SEO is one of the digital marketing ideas 2021 that will be popular since 64% of digital marketers invest in this strategy.

5.  Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

One of the proven, cost-effective digital marketing ideas 2021 that you can get from Virtuoso Netsoft is PPC. This is a form of paid advertising where you place a bid on keywords that you would want your brand ads to appear under. The ad for your product or brand will then appear whenever the user keys in that specific keyword. If a user clicks on an ad, you will then have to pay for that click.

The best thing about PPC is that it is all around. It cannot just be used on search engines but also social media platforms. PPC is cost-effective in that the users who will click on the ad that you pay for will mostly end up purchasing your product. Pay per Click Advertising from VNS is also the most effective strategy for businesses in Australia that are just getting started in digital marketing.

6.  Video Marketing

The other digital marketing ideas 2021 that businesses can adopt to grow their revenues is video marketing. This is a strategy that increases customer reach, increases revenues, and plays a great role in business expansion. To conduct video marketing, a business needs to focus on creating relevant and valuable videos that their target audience can easily engage with.

There are different types of videos that can be used for video marketing, with the most popular ones being instructional videos, behind the scene videos, announcement videos, event videos, and many more. Each video that you create needs to create brand awareness for your target audience. Brand awareness can later on increase the conversion rates.

At Virtuoso Netsoft, we look for a way in which video marketing can integrate with other forms of digital marketing that you have already adopted, such as content marketing and email marketing. This way, you will maximize your resources and increase your returns on investment. If you have SEO optimized content with creative videos to compliment it, you can be assured of increased traffic and increase leads. Furthermore, business pages that have a video have a 53% more chance of being on the first page of search engines, and this makes it among the best digital marketing ideas 2021.

7.  Influencer Marketing

If there is one way that you can launch successful digital marketing ideas 2021 without having to break the bank, it is influencer marketing. However, many businesses fear taking up this strategy because of the misguided notion that you need a celebrity for influencer marketing. An influential individual on any social media platform does not have to be a celebrity but rather a person with a reasonable number of followers and one who is actively involved in promoting brands.

Virtuoso Netsoft ranks influencer marketing as one of the best digital marketing ideas 2021 because it creates increased user engagement. When choosing an influencer, you need to evaluate whether the influencer is followed by your target audience. After agreeing on a fee, you can then launch your marketing campaign through them and track the ROI. Virtuoso Netsoft has found out that an influencer with few followers can mostly achieve a greater impact than one with eight times their number of followers. The trick is to conduct research on whether their followers are within your target audience.

8.  Maintain an active blog

2020 has seen many people go back to reading more about businesses or products before they can buy the products or brands from that company. This is why you need to maintain an active blog page on your website with the aim of informing your customers more about your brand or product and actively maintain engagements.

As a digital marketing agency in Australia, VNS will actively research new keywords for your blogs, and this will maintain your competitiveness on the search engine. In addition, the blog can also act as a point of interaction with your customers where you offer advice to them and also share information about your brand with them. A great blog page is a sure way that you can increase the trust levels with your customers and build long-lasting relationships. Mostly a blog will work the same way as content marketing, and they can actually be grouped as one.

9.  Adopt Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is also among the beneficial digital marketing ideas 2021. A huge percentage of people in Australia spend more than five hours a day on their Smartphones or tablets. As these statistics increase, businesses are urged to find a way in which they can tap into this audience. Mobile marketing is also advantageous in that it can easily be integrated with other forms of digital marketing, such as email marketing.

VNS will help you to come up with the best ways that you can reach your target audience, whether it is through text messages, emails, or social media. The best thing about mobile marketing is that it helps you tap into the mobile applications niche. You can use mobile applications to generate ads that lead to your business. Virtuoso Netsoft also tailors the content that is displayed under mobile marketing so that it is specific to your geographical location. This model assists you in targeting the users that have a higher chance of purchasing your product.

10.  Affiliate Marketing

Last but not least, we have affiliate marketing as one of the viable digital marketing ideas 2021. Affiliate marketing is different from influencer marketing, and a lot of businesses cannot differentiate between the two. Affiliate Marketing involves a kind of referral program where an individual or another company will receive a commission when they refer other people to your brand, and that referral generates an actual sale. Affiliate marketing is very big on cutting on marketing costs, which is a great strategy for 2021, given that businesses are going to the new year with limited marketing resources.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that it builds trust. When a customer gets a word of mouth referral, they are more likely to buy that brand, especially if they trust the individual or company that is referring to them. This is why Virtuoso Netsoft encourages businesses to monitor and track the affiliates that will be most beneficial for your marketing.

In summary

As businesses enter 2021, they need to be agile and proactive so that they are not caught off-guard like they were in 2020 by the global economic recession. One way of becoming proactive is adopting the most viable digital marketing ideas 2021 that will help you increase sales and expand your reach. With limited marketing resources, businesses will find that digital marketing strategies are more cost-effective, and tracking the results of these strategies is even easier. Virtuoso Netsoft is a digital marketing agency in Australia that has worked with different companies to help them formulated personalized and effective digital marketing strategies. VNS works round the clock to apply the best digital marketing model that works for your business. 

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